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As a leading manufacturer of peptides, BioConcept provides you with easy access to custom research grade peptides. We specialize in the production of difficult custom peptides from milligram to multigram scale. We offer the best value in the research area, producing high quality peptides with a fast turnaround time. BioConcept has continued to improve its services to meet the demands of the scientific community.


Custom Peptide Synthesis
High Quality Peptide for Industry and Research Application: BioConcept has a team of expert professionals using solid phase and solution phase chemistry by employing Fmoc and t-Boc methodologies for the design and production of peptides for research purposes. Itís the best place for you to outsource your routine peptide needs, so you can focus on more important creative studies. BioConcept offers a range of peptide services from small research scale to large scale synthesis.


Contract Research on Peptide Therapeutics
Contract research and manufacturing services market in India was valued at $895 million in 2006. Though manufacturing APIs and oral solid formulation continue to be the major sources of revenue for Indiaís contract manufacturing industry, other segments in contract research, outsourcing of drug discovery research are slated to show the highest growth of 26% a year.