Peptide Drug Discovery Research

Manufacturing Efficiencies and Drug Delivery Improvements

Updated On: 08/19/2008
Author / Submitted By: Lakshmi Kamath, Ph.D
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Peptides play an important role in modulating many physiological processes in our body. Some of the benefits of working with peptides are: they are small, easily optimized, and can be quickly investigated for therapeutic potential. However, the field of peptide drug discovery was hampered by their high manufacturing costs, short half-life, and limited in vivo bioavailability. All that is changing now. Waheed Danho, Ph.D., distinguished research leader at Hoffmann-La Roche (, says ?Advancements in peptide manufacturing and improvements in peptide drug delivery systems have re-energized this field. It is now easier to screen a large number of targets with peptides and eliminate the unpromising ones early on in the discovery process.? Rational drug design, an informed approach to drug discovery, is the preferred route for Roche, which has a fully integrated peptide research program based on rational drug design. ?The quick-acting nature of peptides is often a disadvantage in many disease conditions. We perform extensive structure-activity-relationship studies to define peptide hot spots and use this information to design more potent, more specific, and more long-acting peptides,? explains Dr. Danho

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